Episode 80: How to Choose the Best Business Model for Lifestyle Entrepreneur Family

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How Am I Able To Take Two Months Off Every Summer?

My husband and I run four businesses, raise three boys, and still manage to take two months off every summer to devote to spending quality time with our family.

I often get asked how we’re able to do that and the answer is very simple:

We’ve chosen business models that allow us to take that time off.

In This Episode:

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is about building a business that allows you to live.

What’s the point of working so incredibly hard to build a successful business, if you can’t enjoy the fruits of that success with your loved ones?

Choosing the right business model for your family is the key to balancing work, life, and family.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  1. What a business model is.
  2. The different types of business models that are available to you.
  3. The things you need to consider when choosing the right business model for your family.

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